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Rannoch Adventure is one of the world's leading Brokers for used ocean rowing boats. We offer a competitive brokerage package to sell your boat and have an extensive network of would-be buyers. We charge a flat rate to sell any approved used ocean rowing vessel - this fee covers a listing on this website and a Transfer of Ownership document template. Full details of our service can be found on our Brokerage Form:  


R45 Elite Ex-charter

R45 Elite ex-charter boat, one Atlantic crossing, Rannoch Adventure full service, excludes any loose equipment. Available for delivery 1st May 2021. Selling price: £58,000


R45 – SS1

SS1 has crossed The Atlantic Ocean twice, in TWAC 2018 and 2019 and is being sold in good condition. She comes with a host of loose equipment, some of it unused. SOLD

R25 Solo – Never Too Old

Built in 2020, this boat is doing her first crossing in TWAC 2020 and will be available to purchase from early 2021. Details coming soon.
Selling price: TBC

R25 Custom - Dina

Dina is a “no expense spared” custom R25 originally built for a personal project for Charlie Pitcher. This boat is tough and super light, built from nomex and carbon. Dina has been used for a handful of training sessions on the Crouch but has yet to do an ocean crossing – she is in mint condition. Selling price: £65,000


R20 – Trident

The R20 is the lightest, most optimised and fastest pairs ocean rowing boat on the market. Trident has done one TWAC crossing and won! She is in the excellent condition and the Raymarine equipment has all been recently serviced. The electrics, navigation and communication systems are all top spec.Selling price: £39,000


R45 – Jasmine 2

Jasmine 2 has crossed the Atlantic three times and is presented in good condition. She is being sold with a long list of loose equipment but she will require a rewire in order to compete in the next Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Jasmine 2 holds two French records including the oldest team to cross the Atlantic. SOLD


R25 Pairs - Pegasus

Pegasus has undertaken two Atlantic crossings, in 2018 as a pairs boat and in 2019 as a solo (two rowing positions have been maintained). This boat is close to Rannoch’s heart as has R25 hull no 1 – the first R25 built. She is a very well presented boat, in good order throughout. After her first crossing, lithium batteries, a spare rudder, remote control for the auto pilot and an additional set of oars have all been added. She comes with a host of loose equipment and 100+ packets of food. SOLD



NEC ASPERA TERRENT was one of the newest built boats for 2019 TWAC – it was hull no 3 of the purpose built solo boats. It has all the latest thinking from Rannoch and represents the standard production version for the R25 solo. A very good example with little use outside its successful crossing. Selling price: £52,000


R25 Pairs - Jaxx

Jaxx was built in 2019 and, even after her one successful crossing in TWAC 2019, she looks like new. Jaxx is a very light boat with a carbon hull which gives the boat additional stiffness. She also has lithium batteries and is being sold with a whole host of loose equipment. Jaxx is in excellent condition and is a great option for either a solo or pairs boat – she is just waiting for a new crew. SOLD


R25 Pairs - Lily

Lily is less than a year old (built April 2019) and is a typical example of an R25 that has been very carefully maintained by the present owners. She has had one successful Atlantic crossing and is in great condition. She is being sold with all the loose equipment used in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Click on the READ MORE button to find links to a video of the boat and images of all loose equipment. SOLD


R25 Pairs - Mad Giraffe

Mad Giraffe is presented in great shape, ready for an ocean crossing. She has had one owner, undertaken one crossing (TWAC 2019) and has the added benefit of having carbon incorporated into the construction. She was rowed solo for her 2019 crossing but is actually a pairs’ boat. She is fully equipped and serviced with everything (loose and fixed) required for a transatlantic crossing, including spares/double of some equipment. As part of the purchase, the owner is willing to spend time with the purchaser going through everything and passing on everything he has learned in his race prep and Atlantic crossing. SOLD


R45 - Lady Jayne

Lady Jayne is an immaculate R45, built in 2019. She was a 2019/20 TWAC class winner and set a new world record. She comes with a long list of loose equipment, all in excellent condition. This boat is in perfect condition, is supplied “ready to race” and is one of the finest examples of a used 5's ocean rowing boat. SOLD

R20 - Hope

This all carbon R20 has been looked after by one owner and has been kept in undercover storage from day one.This is a brilliant boat that has been rowed as a pairs, but can be rowed solo or as a three man team.  All equipment has been well maintained and thoroughly looked after. A great example of a “concept class” boat that is ready to row straight away. After one successful crossing of the Atlantic in 2015/16 this boat is ready to row with very little work that needs to be done to it.
Hope is available for charter - please contact us for details.

R20 – Storm

STORM is a high spec R20 which has undertaken 2 Atlantic crossings to date: New York to UK Transatlantic in 2017 and Canaries to Barbados in 2018. In November 2018 the antennas, solar panel and associated parts were all replaced. Other parts that were replaced or fully serviced included rowlocks, seat wheels, bearings, seat pads as well as ST4000 tiller arms. She is ready to go. Selling price: £45,000

R25 Solo - White Rows

White Rows is presented in top condition but has not been serviced. She has done one Atlantic crossing (Dec 2019). The boat comes with 1 set of good oars per rowing position. The boat is being offered with a comprehensive list of equipment needed for a transatlantic crossing (not food), including spare oars, etc. There is the option of purchasing separately an outboard mount, outboard motor and battery. SOLD

R25 Solo - Tamu’kke

Built in 2018 and equipped to the highest specification, Tamu’kke has been completely serviced and overhauled by Rannoch Adventure. Tamu’kke was used in 2018/19 for an independent solo Atlantic crossing. She is a world record breaking boat, being the first to cross any ocean between the 11th parallels - no boat has crossed an ocean closer to the equator. All satellite and communications equipment remains under warranty and comes complete with the original packaging. SOLD

R45 - Fortitude IV

Built in 2019, this is a specialist boat with no expense spared. She is about to embark on TWAC 2019 and is being sold on her return to UK after a post-race service at Rannoch. Fortitude IV comes with a galvanised single axle road trailer and a long list of top quality loose equipment which has been well looked after to date. There is also a full range of Garmin and Raymarine navigation equipment, although no oars or water maker are included in the sale. SOLD

R10 Solo - Soma

"The most high tech ocean rowing boat ever built". Soma broke the solo transatlantic rowing record in 2013, a record that still stands. Soma is built from carbon nomex epoxy, making her the lightest ocean rowing boat ever. This boat has had no expense spared in its construction and has been looked after in undercover storage all it's life. It is priced to sell at a fraction of its original cost and comes complete with a comprehensive list of equipment.
Soma is available for charter - please contact us for details.

Pairs - Roberta

Built as a pair (two rowing positions) this is a very well built and safe boat, as well as being one of the fastest "pure class" boats built. It has completed a solo and pairs Atlantic crossing, a Pacific crossing, and has also rowed with four crew members around GB, breaking the record. Originally built by Jamie Fabrizio, designed by Phil Morrison, this boat is ready to break more records. SOLD

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