September 12, 2019
Laura Try

Fedor shatters world records

Fedor Konyukhov Федор Конюхов has made it into the history books!

In May 2019 he completed Leg 1 of his Round The World Row in Akros, a boat designed and built by Rannoch Adventure, and shattered a load of world records in the process:

- He is the oldest person to solo row an ocean aged 67

- He reached the Southernmost point of the world in a rowing boat

- He spent the largest number of days in the Southern ocean;154 days!

- He covered the longest distance ever rowed in the “roaring forties” and “furious fifties” latitudes – 11,525 kilometres

- He is the first and only person who was able to cross the Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat in both directions (from east to west and from west to east)

Charlie met Fedor on his arrival in Ushuaia and was witness to the huge number of barnacles on his boat.

We will now be shipping AKROS back into to the UK and welcoming her into the Rannoch workshop for a full service, in preparation for leg 2 of his Round The World Row.

Read more about Fedor's incredible achievement in this article. You will be amazed! And take a look at the photos below for a glimpse into life in the Southern Ocean.

Charlie greeting Fedor in Ushuaia 
The barnacles on Fedor's boat after 154 days at sea - If you’re wondering why he didn’t clean his boat, it’s because the waters in the Southern ocean are icy, with icebergs in some places! There was no way of him getting in the freezing ocean and being safe.
The Rannoch Adventure logo sitting proud on Akros
Charlie & Fedor