September 12, 2019
Laura Try

The whole kit & caboodle

What kit do you need to row around the world? Russian explorer and adventurer Fedor Konyukhov knows!

A couple of weeks ago, Fedor and his boat AKROS visited Rannoch HQ to discuss the second leg of his Round The World Row. Earlier this year he competed leg 1 of his expedition becoming the first person to row the Southern Ocean.

We are currently making some minor repairs and adjustments to AKROS ready to send her off again in the coming months for leg 2. She is by far the most technological advanced ocean rowing boat in the world and we are so proud to have designed and built her.

It was great to see them both again in Burnham and to see just how much kit and caboodle he took with him on his adventure.

Charlie, Fedor and Phil (boat designer)
AKROS emptied!
Phil, Fedor & Charlie talking boat design