Proud to support Alex Lewis on his "Pig 2 Pig" challenge

Rannoch Adventure is proud to support Alex Lewis - a quadruple amputee living life to the full whilst trying to make a difference.

In June 2024, Alex Lewis successfully undertook the Pig 2 Pig - an inspiring adventure across land, sea and some more land, with full support from the Rannoch team for the rowing element of this challenge.

The row

Ready to go ...
Settling Alex in to his rowing boat at the beginning of the day
Rannoch provided two support vessels - a mothership yacht and a RIB
Alex rowed with different crew members for various legs of his journey.
He completed the rowing part of the challenge in 2 weeks.

Preparation, crew, training

Rannoch Adventure recruited 20 volunteers to row with Alex in stages from Falmouth to Dover in his rowing boat which we have adapted especially for him. On 14th and 15th March, they all gathered in Burnham on Crouch to prepare for the challenge this summer. Over the two days, time was spent getting to know Alex and his personal team, learning about his prosthetics, liners and attachments, understanding the level of support he will need from the crew whilst in the boat, and getting out on the water and learning to row with him.

But it wasn't just about mastering the physical aspect of rowing with Alex; it was also about forging connections. With a shared passion for rowing on oceans and coastlines, each of the volunteers were united by a common purpose - to support Alex in his quest to achieve a 'world first' for a quadruple amputee.

The presence of ITV and BBC Essex added an extra spark to the proceedings, their cameras and journalists capturing this very unique training session with the aim of spreading awareness across national and regional TV and radio.

A huge thank you to all those who have and will be giving up their time to support Alex on his challenge - we look forward to seeing you all in June.

Photo credits - Rannoch Adventure & @karen_kilbourn_photography

The Pig 2 Pig in a nutshell

30 days and wild camping nights

350 miles of rowing, a *world first* for a quadruple amputee

8 "Pig" hotels (nutrition/hydration)

14 school speaking engagements

650 miles of cycling

14 business speaking engagements

It’s a brute, I mean beaut?! I start at The Pig, Harlyn Bay on June the 2nd and hand cycle to Falmouth Harbour. Once in Falmouth I climb into the world’s first adapted flying 15 rowing boat (minus the sail) for a quadruple amputee and then spend the next 14 days rowing 350 Miles to Dover. Once in Dover I fall out the boat and back On board my bike and hand cycle to The Pig at Bridge Place. The following morning I climb back on board my hand cycle and spend the next 14 days cycling 650 miles through the South of England whilst carrying out a school speaking event and a business speaking event every day. I’ll also be stopping by charities, universities, hospitals and much much more to highlight the work the float Foundation carries out here and all over the world. Alex Lewis

More details about this adventure can be found by DOWNLOADING THE PDF.

Alex’s story

Aged 33 Alex thought he had ‘man flu’ but collapsed and was rushed to hospital, he was given just hours to live and less than 1% chance of survival. He had contracted Strep which led to Septicaemia, Toxic shock syndrome and necrotising fasciitis. The result was quadruple amputation and facial disfigurement. The Alex you see today is the result of 140hrs of plastic surgery and 14hrs of facial tattooing.

Instead of retreating into a state of self-pity, Alex took a truly inspirational approach to what happened to him.  The story of his positivity and adjustment to a new life is truly remarkable and was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary “The Extraordinary case of Alex Lewis”. Alex’s progress and exploits have been well documented in the media. The positivity 43-year-old Alex has found since his life changing illness has been remarkable. Many would find it hard to believe, but he says that great things have come of it.  Alex says, “It’s made me think differently about being a father, a partner, a human being.”

In the past nine years Alex has set up the Alex Lewis Trust to raise funds for his rehabilitation, which has given him a huge impetus to help others. Alex also participates in research projects with Imperial College, Southampton University and many more developing new technology ranging from the development of mechanomyographic tech for the American Navy to prosthesis design and wearable assistive technology. He continues to work with schools, colleges, charities and businesses working on the advancement of medical and assistive technology.

Alex continues to break barriers by becoming the first quadruple amputee to kayak around the southern tip of Greenland and complete a three hundred and twenty mile expedition along the Orange River in South Africa. In 2019 he became the first quadruple amputee to hand cycle 15,000 feet up the highest mountain range in Ethiopia in a solar assisted four wheeled vehicle designed by Engineering students at The University of Southampton. The project enabled Alex to try and challenge the cultural view of disability in Ethiopia and drive change in the attitude of the people towards the disabled in their communities. Whilst the wheel chair manufacturing facility which became the legacy of the trip will transform the lives of hundreds of disabled people in Ethiopia every year. The documentary of this extraordinary expedition “Alex Lewis Mountain “ won best Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival 2023.

During 2020/21 he focused his efforts through the Alex Lewis Trust on the provision of affordable prosthesis development for children, with the launch of Project Limitless, in association with The Douglas Bader Foundation. Project Limitless aimed to raise £250,000 to provide all those children in the UK under 9 who need one with a soft shell prosthetic. It was a bold ambition but the overwhelming support from the public means that to date over half a million pounds has been raised and Project Limitless will extend its remit to include children up to the age of 18 in the UK.

During 2022/ 2023 Alex continued his challenges crossing the Namibian dessert and racing around Salisbury plain for 24 hours nonstop in a Le Mans style event in his student built handcycle. Alongside his research work, Alex delivers motivational talks entitled  ‘A Minor Setback’ to organizations, conferences and educational institutions. His aim is to motivate others to overcome adversity and take on new challenges in life.

Alex inspires people to see life differently, take every opportunity that comes their way and live life to the full. His keen sense of humour and self-deprecating manner stays with his audience as a reminder that life can turn upside down at any point - it’s how you conquer it that defines you.

The FLOAT Foundation is the culmination of 10yrs of working in the AT (Assistive technology) space. Their mission is to help create a world where assisted technology is accessible and affordable for all individuals. They envision a society where every person, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate and thrive in their communities empowered by the transformative potential of assistive technology.


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Alex at Rannoch trying out his boat for the first time

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