Ross Edgley Swim - 52 hours in Loch Ness

In October 2022, a 6 strong Rannoch team headed up to Loch Ness to support ultra-marathon sea swimmer Ross Edgley attempt to swim continuously without touching land or a boat for 160 kms. The challenge was fully supported by Rannoch Adventure and involved Risk Assessment, 24 hour safety support, 3 safety boats, a support caravan for Ross's support team, 6 Rannoch staff and a Paramedic.

Ross spent 52 hours and 39 minutes in the water and covered a distance of 79km, ending the challenge at Fort Augustus, short of his original aim. The challenge was in support of a sea kelp conservation project.

The Rannoch team were brilliant, please pass on all of our thanks and I know Ross felt very supported. It was a big challenge for all involved, not just Ross, so thanks for all your hard work.

Lucy Caws, Bacchus Agency (Project Coordinator)

Here's our story in pictures:

Launching INXS
Support boats RANGER & GROOT and the Rannoch team
RANGER on Loch Ness
BOXY was provided as a base for Ross's support team
Navigation on RANGER
The challenge was featured on BBC Breakfast TV
Ross on one of his many banana breaks
Ross swimming at night

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