Stormy + Steth's Long Row Home

Rannoch Adventure is proud to support RNLI duo Allan Lipp and Mhairi Ross, aka Stormy + Steth, as they attempt to become the first mixed pair to circumnavigate Great Britain by rowing boat.

With over 35 years RNLI sea going experience between them, Allan is a fulltime coxswain and Mhairi is a paramedic/nurse and volunteer navigator currently on the crew of Wick Lifeboat "Roy Barker 1420". Their plan is to set off on their "Long Row Home" from Wick, where they live, in the far north of Scotland this summer, then row unassisted and non-stop around the challenging British coastline.

Their vessel, Boudicea, is a seven-metre-long carbon-fibre Rannoch R15. It will be their home as they navigate the open seas. Completely unassisted, they will rely on meticulously planned supplies and a water maker to sustain them throughout their journey.

This row is about pushing boundaries, testing limits, and raising funds for two incredible charities: the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and SCAA (Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance). With the RNLI being a charity very close to Rannoch’s hearts, we will be volunteering shoreside and strategic support to the pair. We wish them all the best for their expedition which starts in early June 2024.

“Having such a legendary team support and believe in us is truly amazing, it is a privilege to have Rannoch Adventure onboard. We believe that with our shoreside and strategic support being provided by the team at Rannoch Adventure, we are in safe hands and will successfully become the first mixed pair to complete the circumnavigation of Great Britain." Stormy + Steth

More details about this adventure and how to donate can be found HERE.
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