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Built for the 1st leg of Fedor Konyukhov’s expedition across the Southern Ocean. He spent 154 days alone at sea, in hostile conditions, rowing 6,400 nautical miles from Dunedin, New Zealand to The Islands of Diego Ramirez, Chile. We are currently making some minor repairs and adjustments to AKROS ready for leg 2.

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The boat that broke the solo transatlantic record in a time of 35 days. This boat is the most high tech boat built to date, using a carbon nomex epoxy infused hull this boat is the lightest ocean rowing boat ever built.

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Built for the longest non-stop solo ocean rows ever, this boat had a bespoke and unique living quarters with separate dry and wet cabins. The owner, Fedor Konyukhov crossed the Pacific from Chile to Australia, a distance of 9,500miles in a remarkable 160 days.

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A replica of Soma, this R10 was built for the North Atlantic and was customised to suit the needs of Laval St Germain to cross from Halifax Canada to Brest in France.

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