The Ocean Rowing Company

"Our world is everything to do with ocean rowing."
Rannoch Adventure offers everything from bespoke boat design and the construction to expert training, international boat shipping and campaign support programmes.

New! The Explorer

Unleash the Explorer in you with this unique, high performance, stable yet affordable rowing boat for one or two people. Suitable for both novices and adventurers, for use on rivers, lakes or coastal waters. Find out more!

Market Leaders in Ocean Rowing

Our main focus when building a boat is safety, quality, speed and performance. We have built over 70 ocean boats since 2012. Their unique design have a proven track record in safety and have achieved a number of world records.

Training and Advice

As well as designing and building the world's leading ocean rowing boats, Rannoch Adventure design offer training and advice for your next
ocean crossing.

Equipment Researched & Fully Tested

Rannoch Adventure is constantly researching the best and most reliable equipment to use in ocean rowing. This has been carried out through testing on actual ocean crossings by our team of ocean rowing experts.

Get Involved In Our Campaigns 

Rannoch Adventure has worked with over 70 teams, each having crossed oceans in organised events or as independent rowers. We are able to support you in every way to get you across any ocean safely and efficiently.

Try Our Rannoch Experiences

Book an Introduction Course to experience the intensity of ocean rowing and live the life of an ocean rower for the day. For the more adventurous, book onto our training courses to support your ocean crossing.
Rannoch Adventure Training & Advice
Training & Advice

Rannoch Adventure offer training and advice for your next ocean crossing or rowing adventure. We have a team of experts on hand to ensure you achieve your goal.

Rannoch Adventure Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Our team includes ocean rowing world record holders, highly experienced boat builders, engineers and training instructors. Find out what else we’ve done.

Rannoch Adventure Our Boats
Our Boats

Our boats and their unique design have a proven track record, with each one constructed to the highest standard and attention to detail.