The World's #1 in Ocean Rowing

Over 170 ocean rowing boats designed and built since 2011.
They are the world's fastest and most reliable boats with a 100% safety record.

Rannoch Adventure offers the FULL OCEAN ROWING PACKAGE including professionally organised ocean rowing
expeditions, training, shipping, servicing used boats.  

The World's #1 Ocean Rowing Boats

We build boats with SAFETY, QUALITY, SPEED and PERFORMANCE as priority.
Fibreglass, carbon or carbon Nomex - you choose.
Over 170 Rannoch ocean rowing boats have been built since 2011.
Rannoch boats have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD in safety and performance.
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Professionally Organised Ocean Rowing Expeditions

Rannoch Adventure has a rowing adventure for everyone, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a serious adrenaline junkie wanting to set a new ocean rowing world record. Check out the pages in our Rowing Adventures section.

Equipment Researched & Tested

We CONTINUALLY research the best and most reliable equipment to use in ocean rowing and test it on actual ocean crossings by our team of ocean rowing experts.


We offer a full range of training courses for your ocean rowing adventure, undertaken by experts in the ocean rowing world. Click here for more information.

Custom Boat Builds

Want to break a world record? Custom boat builds are the way to do this! Rannoch Adventure has been building BESPOKE ocean rowing boats, catamarans, pedalos, kite boats, paddleboards for over 10 years. These have all been designed with one aim in mind – to BREAK WORLD RECORDS.  Tell us about your dream project.

The Rannoch Explorer

Unleash the Explorer in you with this unique, high performance, stable yet affordable rowing boat for one or two people. Suitable for both novices and adventurers, for use on rivers, lakes or coastal waters. Find out more!
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Rannoch Adventure - Your Gateway To Ocean Rowing

Rannoch is proud to be volunteering full on- and off-shore support to this inspirational quadruple amputee as he rows from Falmouth to Dover as part of his "Pig to Pig" Challenge.

Established in 2011 under the leadership of Charlie Pitcher, Rannoch Adventure stands as the premier 'go-to' ocean rowing company. Our commitment to providing unparalleled boats, expertise and support services to ocean rowers worldwide sets us apart. Rooted in our unwavering core values, we've cultivated a distinctive and specialized brand driven by a singular goal: delivering the best support to our customers. Our dedicated team channels passion into crafting meticulously designed and rigorously tested products, drawing from extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing, ocean rowing and seamanship.

The countdown has begun! We're looking forward to giving onshore support to RNLI duo Allan and Mhairi, aka Stormy + Steth, as they attempt to become the first mixed pair to row around GB.
Rannoch Adventure Our Boats
Our Boats

We've been building the world's finest ocean rowing boats since 2011. Rannoch boats are the fastest, safest and most reliable on the market. COME AND TRY ONE ANYTIME! We build fibreglass, carbon and carbon Nomex boats. Check out the R10 solo, R25 and RX25 solo or pairs, R45 and RX45 fours and our RX80 for 12 people from the link below.

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Rannoch Adventure Roxy Expeditions
Roxy Expeditions

This is your chance to participate in the growing adventure sport of ocean rowing without the hassle of pulling together a full team or funding your own challenge. From crossing an ocean to island hopping in Scotland, we have something for everyone.

Rannoch Adventure Rowing Adventures
A Taste of Ocean Rowing

We have a rowing adventure for everyone, whether you’re looking for a taster day, an ocean crossing or short adventure on board Roxy, your own independent team project or a world record attempt in one of the global ocean rowing events. Check out our Rowing Adventures section of this website.

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Rannoch Adventure Custom Boat Builds
Custom Boat Builds

Want to break a world record? Custom boat builds are the way to do this! Rannoch Adventure has been building bespoke rowing boats, catamarans, pedalos, kite boats, paddleboards for over 12 years. These have all been designed with one aim in mind – to BREAK WORLD RECORDS.

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Rannoch Adventure Used Boats
Used Boats

Rannoch Adventure provides an extensive platform for buying and selling used ocean rowing boats. We offer a competitive used boat sales package to help sell your boat and have an extensive network of would-be buyers.

Rannoch Adventure Services & Training
Shipping, Upgrades & more

As the world's leading ocean boat manufacturer and service provider, we offer a full range of ocean boat support services - shipping, spare parts, equipment, storage, surveying and of course on water training and offshore courses.

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Rannoch Adventure Charter/Hire Boats
Charter/Hire Boats

We have a limited number of boats available for charter, subject to availability. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Rannoch Adventure News

Keep up to date with all the latest goings on in our workshop, on the water, with our rowing teams and of course with our valued partners & equipment suppliers.

Rannoch Adventure Photos & Videos
Photos & Videos

Check out our extensive library of photos from our Instagram account and videos on our YouTube channel.

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