Our Boats

Our rowing boats are the best in the business. Each vessel is lovingly hand-crafted to a design that has been honed with many years of experience. All our production boats are the only boats on the market that are CE certified and every ocean category entered has been won by a Rannoch boat. Rannoch Adventure has been involved in a world record in every ocean and every race and is the go-to company for any discerning offshore adventurer.
In addition, the RX80 "Roxy" and the Rannoch Explorer offer plenty of opportunity for anyone keen on rowing to have a go.

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R45 - Rannoch Adventure

R10 Solo

Introducing the R10 - brand new for 2021! It is the perfect boat for anyone undertaking a solo Atlantic crossing and has recently gained approval for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Previous custom R10s broke Atlantic crossing records and this is most definitely the fastest solo rowing boat ever built. It's a neat, simple and safe production boat that completes the Rannoch Adventure ocean rowing boat portfolio.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

R25 Pairs

The R25 pairs boat has a very similar design to the R25 Solo but with a slightly smaller cabin volume to accommodate the two rowing positions. With over 18,000 miles rowing experiences from the team, Rannoch Adventure have put everything they know into the design and build process of the R25. 

R45 - Rannoch Adventure

R45 - for 3, 4, 5 person crews

Designed for trios, fours and five person crews, this is the most popular ocean rowing boat on the market. The R45 Elite took the Rannoch team over two years to design and build. It has been built to be as user friendly as possible, yet still the fastest four person boat in the oceans. Having broken nearly every record in the Atlantic, the R45 Elite is quite simply a great boat to take with you on your adventure.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

RX80 - for 12 person crews

The RX80 "Roxy" caters for 12 people, with 8 rowing positions and 8 berths. Rowers are able to book a space without the need to fund their own boat build and undertake expeditions in the secure knowledge of being looked after by an experienced Rannoch skipper.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

Used Boats

Rannoch Adventure provides an extensive platform for buying and selling used ocean rowing boats. We offer a competitive used boat sales package to help sell your boat and have an extensive network of would-be buyers.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

Charter Boats

We have a limited number of R45 and R10 Rannoch boats for charter, subject to availability. Please contact us with your dates and requirements.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

Custom Boats

Rannoch Adventure places a large emphasis on creating bespoke rowing boats for individual clients. We do this using the best techniques and materials available, akin to our production boats, but we use these opportunities to find new and innovative ways of doing things.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure

The Explorer

The Explorer is unique - there are few other boats like this. Rannoch Adventure believes they have filled a niche market in the rowing world, by providing a boat in which anyone can enjoy performance rowing on a sturdy platform at an affordable price. It’s the perfect boat for everyone - solo, pairs, mixed, man and dog, kids, veterans, ex Olympians and hesitant newcomers to rowing.


Attention to detail

Rannoch Adventure boats are carefully thought out and constantly developed as we continue to gain experience from the individuals using them. Once the overall design is agreed, our priority is ensuring attention to detail – the boat has to work as effectively as possible for the end user. We focus a large amount of time on improving ergonomics, minimising potential faults and keeping things simple.

Finely Crafted

Approximately 1600 hours is spent on producing each boat before handing it over the client.  We strive to utilise in-house CAD resources in drawing up and materialising a large majority of components, as this enables us to produce the most accurate mouldings we can. Taking care throughout this process reduces problems such as structural deficiencies. Whilst our boats are from a production, we treat each one individually and look to accommodate alternative client requirements where possible.

Expertly Designed

Each Rannoch design leaves the drawing board from internationally renowned naval architect, Phil Morrison. First and foremost, safety is our utmost priority with speed and comfort attracting our subsequent attention. A key reason for placing the main cabin forward is that it helps the boat self-right faster more effectively than any other production boat on the market.

The natural shape of the boat on the waterline lends itself to being wider in the forward section of the hull. As a result, this is where most of the volume exists and by placing a cabin here, it enhances buoyancy to produce a more effective self-righting moment. Moreover, forward placement protects you from headwinds with a superior aerodynamic profile as well as providing easier control downwind. A centre plate to aid straight line tracking improves capability even further.

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