Our ocean rowing boats are the best in the business.
Each vessel is lovingly hand-crafted to a design that has been honed with many years of experience. All our production boats are the only boats on the market that are CE certified and every category entered has been won by a Rannoch boat.

Rannoch Adventure has been involved in a world record in every ocean and every race and has now produced more ocean rowing boats than any other boat builder globally.

Whether you want to break records or have a once in a lifetime experience, if you are looking to row an ocean, #RowWithRannoch.

R15 - Rannoch Adventure


Designed for solo and pairs, the R25 has been designed by the most successful naval architect and ocean rowers in the world.

The R25 is the new Rannoch masterpiece.
Taking all the best components and features from the record breaking R45 and R10, the R25 has quickly proved that it's the fastest and safest ocean rowing boat on the market for solo and pairs rowers

R45 - Rannoch Adventure


Designed for trios, fours and five man crews, this is the most popular ocean rowing boat on the market. The R45 took the Rannoch team over 2 years to design and build.

It has been built to be as user friendly as possible, yet still the fastest four man boat in the oceans. Having broken nearly every record in the Atlantic, this boat is quite simply a great boat to take you across any ocean. 

Custom Builds - Rannoch Adventure

Custom Builds

Rannoch Adventure also places a large emphasis on creating bespoke rowing boats for individual clients.

We do this using the best techniques and materials available, akin to our production boats, but also use these opportunities to find new and innovative ways of doing things.

Second Hand Boats - Rannoch Adventure

Charter Boats

We have a selection of boats for charter, from solo, pairs and four/five man boats.

Please enquire to find out more.

Second Hand Boats - Rannoch Adventure

Second Hand

A great selection of pre-owned boats.

Use our expertise in ocean rowing to help you select the perfect second hand ocean rowing boat for your crossing.


Attention to detail

Rannoch Adventure boats are carefully thought out and constantly developed as we continue to gain experience from the individuals using them. Once the overall design is agreed, our priority is ensuring attention to detail – the boat has to work as effectively as possible for the end user. We focus a large amount of time on improving ergonomics, minimising potential faults and keeping things simple.

Finely Crafted

Approximately 1600 hours is spent on producing each boat before handing it over the client.  We strive to utilise in-house CAD resources in drawing up and materialising a large majority of components, as this enables us to produce the most accurate mouldings we can. Taking care throughout this process reduces problems such as structural deficiencies. Whilst our boats are from a production, we treat each one individually and look to accommodate alternative client requirements where possible.

Expertly Designed

Each Rannoch design leaves the drawing board from internationally renowned naval architect, Phil Morrison. First and foremost, safety is our utmost priority with speed and comfort attracting our subsequent attention. A key reason for placing the main cabin forward is that it helps the boat self-right faster more effectively than any other production boat on the market.

The natural shape of the boat on the waterline lends itself to being wider in the forward section of the hull. As a result, this is where most of the volume exists and by placing a cabin here, it enhances buoyancy to produce a more effective self-righting moment. Moreover, forward placement protects you from headwinds with a superior aerodynamic profile as well as providing easier control downwind. A centre plate to aid straight line tracking improves capability even further.

Custom Builds

Rannoch also places a large emphasis on creating bespoke rowing boats for individual clients. We do this using the best techniques and materials available, akin to our production boats, but also use these opportunities to find new and innovative ways of doing things. We are very comfortable with this and happy to quote for the work as the chance to be involved in new and exciting projects is enjoyable for us. Rannoch will strive to achieve the best result for your vision.

I understood we set the new pairs speed world record for this crossing and naturally were the fastest pair in the race. As you might know, we had to start 9 days after the Great Pacific Race start and one can only speculate whether we would have beaten EVERYONE (4 person crews included) had we started together and with the same weather conditions. We did post the three fastest day distances by anyone and if you calculate speed per distance traveled; we beat all the four person crews too. Thank you and big cheers to the boat that served us so well!          

Sami Inkinen – “Roosevelt” 2014 Great Pacific Race Pairs Winner
For his inspirational and selfless contribution to charity, Charlie was awarded the Mountbatten Sword by the Royal Marines.  He exemplifies the best of the best –  he will help you achieve the extraordinary.                 

Major General Andy Salmon CMG OBE, former Commandant General Royal Marines and President of The C Group
Charlie, I cannot thank you enough for everything this week. Jack had an amazing time experiencing ocean rowing and getting insights and advice from a true expert. He loved getting time on the water and experiencing a true night out on his own. Thanks for all of your advice and encouragement. It was a great week and we loved Burnham and the Oyster Smack. Looking forward to working with you and Team Rannoch in the future!

Meg Luby, Ocean Rowing Training Week July 2014
Success is not a chance event. In addition to hard work it takes a great leader with vision, determination and a passion for detail and excellence. I have been fortunate enough to work with Charlie Pitcher who exemplifies the essence of great leadership which is reflected in the work of Rannoch’

Professor Greg Whyte, Olympian and World Renowned Sports Scientist, PhD DSc FACSM FBASES
Rannoch are the only company I have come across to offer solutions on all elements of preparation for an ocean row. They picked us up well in to our campaign and helped us make practically essential alterations to our Ocean Rowing Boat as well as gave us practical advice, help in our training and scrutinizing our preparations at our departure port. They were extremely professional and also loyal supporters. I would strongly recommend someone considering an ocean row should talk to them.

Harry Martin-Dreyer, Atlantic Rower 2013/14

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