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All our Roxy expeditions will all be professionally organised and professionally skippered by Rannoch ocean rowers. No previous rowing experience is necessary but you need to be a team player and have the right attitude and commitment.

Hats off to Charlie and the entire Rannoch team! Years of experience and expertise in rowing oceans, utter professionalism, warmth of welcome, sheer friendliness and bags of infectious enthusiasm - and the technically innovative design of Roxy combine to produce a superlative rowing adventure that is simply in a class of its own. Ocean rowing is made accessible!

Roger Grimshaw, Great Scottish Odyssey 2021

For me, without Roxy, this year would have been extremely bleak. The whole experience, starting from seeing this unbelievably exciting advertisement on Facebook, going through the nerve wracking interview, the thrill of being selected, meeting the absolutely amazing team members- and the very best part so far was undoubtedly our first weekend rowing Roxy. The camaraderie and sheer joy we all experienced is making this journey so exceptional. Thank you Team Rannoch!

Louise Brown, Roxy Crew, Atlantic Ocean 2021

Apply for a Place

To apply for a place on any of our expeditions and to participate in our selection process, please complete the Roxy application form from the link below.

Roxy Application Form

The Selection Process

Places on all of our expeditions will be offered via a selection process. We need to be sure that anyone who joins us on Roxy is a team player and has the physical and mental strength that it takes to undertake these challenging rows.

Once we have received your application, we will schedule a 1:1 Zoom call to meet you in person. The timing of this call will depend on which trip you have applied for. You will be told within a few days of the call whether you have been accepted onto a particular trip.

What's included in the price?

  • A place on Rannoch's 12 person RX80 professionally skippered ocean rowing boat
  • A comprehensive training programme suitable for the expedition being undertaken
  • All food and cooking equipment during the expedition
  • All on board safety equipment
  • First Aid kits and general medical supplies
  • Limited use of the satellite phone during the expedition*
  • A post expedition social / dinner*

* included in ocean crossing expeditions only

Please note the following are NOT included in the price:
  • Travel, accommodation and meals during training
  • Travel to and from the start and finish of the expedition
  • Accommodation and meals onshore before, during or after the expedition
  • Personal effects (clothes, sleeping bags, additional snacks etc.)
  • Personal insurance


Once selected for an expedition, a deposit is required to secure your place.

Payment schedules for each expedition are set out in the respective information PDFs.

If for any reason, after being accepted, you are unable to participate in an expedition, the monies paid are non refundable unless your place on the boat can be filled by another rower. We will always endeavour to fill a space but this cannot be guaranteed, especially at short notice.

All expeditions must have a minimum of 8 participants to go ahead.


Each ocean expedition requires your commitment to an extensive training programme. This will comprise some on water training on Roxy and all necessary on shore, classroom courses.

All ocean crossing participants are required to attend the full training programme which could take place on weekdays or weekends. If you live abroad, we will do our best to schedule the training to avoid multiple journeys although one trip to Burnham should be expected.

In addition, you will be required to undertake a general fitness programme for the 6 months lead up to your expedition: Charlie's recommendation is:
“I suggest any rowing training programme in the 6 months lead up to an ocean crossing incorporates some erg work and some dynamic exercise, ideally cycling but swimming, aerobics, yoga are all good too.  2 sessions per day would be ideal – 45 mins in the morning, an hour in the evening.  A combination of high intensity exercise with prolonged endurance exercise is recommended.  I suggest rowers build their own programme bearing the above in mind and subject to their current level of fitness. I strongly advise rowers use a qualified personal trainer for any more specific advice.”

Training requirements are less for the shorter trips and may vary according to rowing experience - full details are available on the information PDFs for each expedition.  

"Nicola, Charlie and all the Rannoch team have clearly worked really hard to get the first team together for the inaugural Roxy expedition - what an amazing group of people. And then came Roxy herself - wow, what a boat! She is an absolute joy to row. We all feel so excited to be taking on the Atlantic in 2021 with her. The Rannoch team have been been so supportive, making us feel a true part of her journey. What an absolute pleasure it is to be part of this experience."

Simon Lyddon, Roxy Crew, Atlantic Ocean 2021

This is how dreams become reality - apply for a place now!

Roxy Application Form

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