Charitable Giving via our Roxy Expeditions

We are proud to be able to support all our Roxy Rowers in their endeavours to raise funds for their chosen charitable causes across the globe.

Jerry Boaden

All-Aboard aims to break down barriers and make it possible for everyone in our community to participate in a range of watersports in the beautiful and historic Bristol City Docks.
Ciara Burns

It is more than a smile - it is hope. The Clini Clowns visit chronically- and seriously ill children and adults to bring a smile to their faces and help them recover. Laughing is the best medicine, it renews the courage to face life.
Cat Withers

IJM is the largest anti-slavery organisation in the world, comprised of a team of undercover investigators, lawyers, social workers and advocates, in the fight to stop slavery, violence and other forms of abuse against those in poverty.
Sophie Hibbin

Love Rowing aims to change lives, working together with our partners, through the unique benefits and transformative impact of rowing.
Sophie Hibbin

Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf.
Ian 'Boris' Kentfield

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust supports young people aged 8-24 to rebuild confidence after cancer through sailing and adventure.
Mark Collins

Sanitation First is TACKLING POVERTY ONE TOILET AT A TIME. They are giving more respect, dignity and hope to some of the poorest people in the world.
Sian Davies

Plush Bears is an animal rescue organisation located in northern China. They remove animals from danger and provide them with love, veterinary care, and sanctuary.
Louise Brown

DKMS raises awareness of blood cancer and blood disorders, their treatment and the registration of potential stem cell donors. Their mission is to provide as many blood cancer patients as possible with a second chance at life.
Simon Lyddon

MacMillan provides physical, financial and emotional support. So whatever cancer throws your way, they're right there with you.
Rupert Fenby

Candlelighters support families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire. They help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances.

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