Transport & Shipping

Rannoch Adventure is the leading provider for comprehensive shipping services for ocean rowing boats worldwide. We cater for all boats and all destinations!

We are the primary logistical support for the World's Toughest Row with a 100% success rate for delivering boats on time. We provide a fully inclusive turnkey service to La Gomera / Monterey and returning from Antigua / Hawaii for any ocean rowing boat, both from the UK and all other destinations. For full details, see below.

For independent challenges on any ocean or any end-to-end or circumnavigation row, we provide a bespoke service to and from ports & marinas worldwide. Our experience and excellent track record in logistics ensure a worry-free service for our customers. From the moment you deliver your boat to Rannoch HQ, we will take care of delivering your boat to your required destination and delivering it back to the UK, allowing you to focus on your row.

NEW - Special offer for our European friends!
We now have a primary drop off location in Rotterdam for boats being shipped from mainland Europe so there's no need to bring your boat across the English Channel to Burnham to have it shipped by Rannoch.  
If your boat is being serviced prior to shipping, we offer free boat collection from Harwich Port, allowing you to deliver your boat to the Hook of Holland port, using Stena Line’s cargo drop-off service.
Please ask us for full details.

For all other services, including one-way shipping, alternative destinations, trailer return, boat collection or anything else, please contact us for a quote.

For the past 13 years, Rannoch has been the prime shipping provider to deliver every boat on time and before the race deadline in La Gomera / Monterey, something we are very proud of.

• We have more knowledge and experience with shipping and handling ocean rowing boats than any other company

• We are the only company to have a 100% track record for delivering ocean rowing boats on time

• We are the only company who provide support for ALL teams and their boats in La Gomera and Monterey right up until the race start

• Every boat is personally handled by the Rannoch management team

How it works:

Teams deliver their boat to Rannoch HQ in Burnham-on-Crouch and take delivery of the boat again in La Gomera / Monterey, ready to launch.

Shipping costs include all transfers, loading, freight charges, customs clearance, unloading and delivery to the race village in La Gomera / Monterey. No additional or hidden charges.

Trailer storage for the winter and the use of our event cradles is included.

To meet your logistics and race scrutineering dates, the boats must be with us by the deadlines given.

Your boat can be stored at Rannoch free of charge for up to a month before shipping.

Within 48 hours of finishing in English Harbour / Hawaii, teams will hand over their boat to Rannoch Adventure who will recover the boat from the water on Rannoch cradles, load into a container and start the customs process before shipping takes place.

On arrival in the UK, Rannoch Adventure collects the container from UK port, unloads your boat from the container, transfers it back onto its own trailer and stores the boat at Rannoch HQ in Burnham-on-Crouch ready for collection by the team.

Each team receives 2 weeks free storage at Rannoch HQ. Longer storage available on request, and for customers using Rannoch’s boat selling service you can enjoy free storage until the boat is sold!

Please contact us for a WTR Atlantic or Pacific quote.

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