Roxy Rowing Expedition across the Atlantic Ocean

A last minute opportunity to challenge yourself this winter

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean will test you in every possible way. Rowing across an entire ocean under your own power is a fantastic achievement and you will look back on the adventure with great pride. On the way, you will overcome many challenges, both physically, mentally and socially. But the memories and friendships made along the way will hopefully last a lifetime.

Keen to jump on board our 12 person ocean rowing boat, Roxy?
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Atlantic Ocean 2022-23

Canary Islands to Caribbean Islands

Limited spaces remain for this expedition which will depart from Tenerife in early December and is likely to arrive in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua in mid January 2023.

Departure Date
4 December 2022
35 - 40 days
Nautical miles
1=Hard • 2=Challenging • 3=Fiendish

Caribbean Island Hopping Adventure

Around the Windward Islands

Our fourteen day Caribbean Island Hopping expedition is a chance to explore the stunning islands around Antigua from the sea. These trips are ideal for anyone wanting to mix a strong row with fun exploring the turquoise coastlines and pristine beaches of the Windward Islands in a unique manner.  

Departure Date
5 February 2023
14 days
Nautical miles
1=Hard • 2=Challenging • 3=Fiendish

Want to know what it's like?

Our expedition blogs are a great way to help you get a feeling of what you have to look forward to on one of our expeditions!
And our Boat page gives you a real insight into the RX80, Roxy.

Have you ever wanted to row an ocean?

Rannoch Adventure offers a number of ocean rowing expeditions over the next 2 years across the Atlantic, the North Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean as well as a Caribbean Island Hopping Adventure in 2023. These are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a team or the finance to support your own adventure and are all professionally organised and professionally skippered by Rannoch rowers who are the most experienced in the business.

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