September 8, 2020

A nimble little training boat for anyone rowing an ocean

Rannoch Adventure’s core business is ocean boats but over the past 6 months, we have launched our new coastal adventure boat, the Explorer.

Charlie always had a vision of being able to manufacture a boat suitable for those wanting to improve their rowing technique in readiness for bigger and great adventures, possibly on an ocean. It's therefore been very rewarding seeing some of our rowers who are signed up to TWAC using the Explorer for training sessions.

Here's a snapshot of what they say about the boat:

Rob Hamilton – solo TWAC 2020
“The Explorer is a great boat for teaching you how to row with winds and waves. Unlike in an ocean boat where you would need to go out to sea before this really started to happen. It’s also much easier to put in the water than an ocean boat!”

Marcus WhiteRows, solo TWAC 2019
"Have to say I am enjoying this Rannoch Explorer. It's very similar to a standard skulling boat but a lot more stable and obviously has all the features for day trips like this one. Thank you Rannoch for renting me this boat. Its a beautiful boat and I'm really enjoying it." 
The Bubbleheads, 4 man, TWAC 2020
 “There was quite a bit of chop and it was quite challenging keeping her in a straight line but she handled the rough seas of the Solent very well and got us there and back in one piece. All in all a great row and more miles under our belts.”

Pip Wright, 17 years old and an Ocean Rower in the making
"I am lucky enough not only to have been on a Rannoch ocean boat but more recently I tried the Rannoch Explorer. It was so nice to experience the ease of being able to get in and out the water on your own, perfect for training to cross an ocean and being able to genuinely glide across the water peacefully, it really is the boat you can have the best row in.I have fallen in love with all the Rannoch boats but the Explorer is my true love! It’s an amazing boat to row and practice in!"

Milan Svetlik, solo TWAC 2020
"Considering I am very new to rowing, I felt very comfortable in the Explorer. I think it was the perfect boat for me to learn in and get familiar with rowing techniques on open water. I would recommend it to anyone."

Photo credit for main photo and Bubbleheads photo - @snapsyacht