December 21, 2020
Rachel Parsons

Meet 40,000 mile rower Ellen

Ellen Falterman - a unique, 25 year old "human powered adventurer" who is taking on an epic 40,000 mile ocean rowing adventure over the next 6 years!

Ellen comes from East Texas and has always had a passion for adventure. She learned how to fly from her dad and has been teaching new pilots how to fly for five years – pretty impressive for a woman of her age! She has paddled, cycled, hitchhiked, and rowed over 10,000 miles in 18 months on various nefarious adventures, both solo and dual, domestic and international:

In 2014 she canoed the Amazon Basin, covering 400 miles, taking 2 months;
In 2016 she tandem cycled from England to Greece, a distance of 5,000 miles, taking 4 months;
In 2017 she kayaked the Missouri Rover, covering 2,300 miles and taking 100 days;
In 2019 she canoed the Upper Mississippi Rover, a distance of 1,600 miles, taking 2.5 months;
in 2020, she canoed 2,500 miles solo, from Kansas City, Missouri to Tarkington Texas, over 4 months.

Ellen's next mission will take her 6 years to complete. In 2022 she will be setting off in a Rannoch R15 named “Eve” aiming to row around the world – a distance totalling 40,000 miles!  

Charlie, Ellen, Dawn and Lizzie

We are very honoured that Ellen has chosen one of our boats in which she will attempt her incredible challenge. GOOD LUCK ELLEN! 

For more information, please go to Ellen's website which contains all her links to social media.

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