July 9, 2024

Look after your backside with our new ergonomic seat

"The carbon seat from Rannoch was a total game changer for our North Atlantic row.  Significantly more comfortable yet also stable when contrary winds and seas meant for long stages on the oars whilst the boat was moving in all sorts of directions." Matthew Ponsonby

Look after your backside with the new Rannoch rowing seat, now available to upgrade your rowing boat.

Ergonomically designed and tested, the new lightweight carbon seat comes as standard on all our new boats, and retrofittable to all existing Rannoch boats.

The sculpted carbon seat, removable cover and cushioning system provides the ultimate in comfort and support.

"The new seat addressed the issues inherent in the older model, namely in a much better distribution of the pressure on your bum - there were no hot spots with the new seat and consequently comfort was much improved. Also, the new seat didn't retain moisture and felt as if it gave more general support." Giles Johnson

£395 per seat parts only

£450 per seat fitted

To order, please email info@rannochadventure.com