September 8, 2020

Explorer designer tests the waters in his creation

The Rannoch Explorer has been a joint creation using the skills of Rannoch Adventure's founder, Charlie Pitcher in partnership with world renowned naval architect, Phil Morrison. Phil was keen to get involved designing a boat that he could envisage using for rowing adventures with his family near his home in Exmouth.

He recently came to Burnham to test the waters in an Explorer and then took his boat  on the roof of his car to Exmouth, where he has been out and about with his wife Gill. It was great to see the huge smile on Phil’s face as he disembarked from the boat after his very first row!

“My first impression of the Explorer was how light it was to row and how much progress depends on the correct technique rather than strength; especially in pairs mode. It would make an ideal boat for developing these skills and will serve well as a tool for keeping fit as well as training and just family fun. 

My wife, Gill is delighted with our new boat and is looking forward to some pleasant evenings on the river. My nine year old daughter is busting to have a go as well!”

Phil is an internationally acclaimed naval architect. With 50 years’ experience, he is regarded as one of the best in the business. His past projects cover a variety of disciplines from the America’s Cup to world class dinghy designs. Now almost all existing ocean rowing boat designs in the world today are from his drawing board. He is known for blending innovation with elegant, well-engineered, high performance structures.

Phil has worked closely with Rannoch Adventure since 2007 and ensures all new designs are the safest and fastest on the water.

Phil & Gill out in their Explorer in Exmouth
One happy rower! Phil disembarks from his maiden voyage on the Explorer
Phil taking his boat from Burnham to Exmouth