May 1, 2020

Happy 1st Birthday to our Rannoch Explorer

Happy 1st Birthday to our Rannoch Explorer!

One year ago, we launched her at our Rannoch Open Day and since then she’s found her way to various corners of the globe. Rannoch Explorers now reside in England, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland,Denmark, Djibouti and USA.

On top of that, she has crossed the English Channel with two Olympic medallists, rowed dangerously across the Bab el Mandeb Straits with an extreme adventurer, Monstered the Loch with the buoys from Bucks, been dwarfed by several gigantic ships, helped raise thousands of pounds for charity, and been an invaluable training boat for ocean rowers.

She has truly become a great, global little rowing boat! Here are just some of her ‘up close and personal’ moments of her first year out on open waters.

Photo credits: Stephen McGrath @maddoggiraffe and Snaps Yacht @snapsyacht

The River Blackwater, Essex
Dover, Kent
Djibhouti, Horn of Africa