September 21, 2023
Nicola Douglas

Jari Saario - Finland's most talked about Adventurer

This week, another ocean rowing legend was born. Jari Saario has just become the second person ever to row both ways across the Atlantic in the same year. And all that in his Rannoch R10 - we couldn't be prouder.

It all started back in January 2023 when Jari set off from Gran Canaria and rowed solo, east to west, across the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in Antigua two months later. This in itself was an incredibly worthy achievement. But not content with just one crossing, Jari then set about rowing back the other way, west to east, from St John's, Newfoundland to Scotland where he arrived on Tuesday.

Conditions on his north Atlantic row were brutal. Storms, violent headwinds, freezing temperatures and  icebergs all made this crossing one of the most challenging we've ever witnessed.

Rannoch has supported Jari throughout his journey, building his boat, supporting his preparation, being there in person at the start, middle and end of his journey. But it's not over yet. After a short break in Oban, Scotland, Jari will be setting off again through the Caledonian Canal, across the North Sea, arriving in his home town of Helsinki where the warmest of welcome will await him. He has acquired a huge Finnish fan base and totally deserves a place in history as one of Finland's greatest adventurers.

Jari on arrival in Oban, Scotland
Charlie and Jari toasting his success