September 8, 2020

Meet William, our young Explorer from Copenhagen

Meet one of our youngest Explorer rowers - William Heron Kjellstrom from Copenhagen. He is just 14 yrs old and commented on his row earlier this week: “I enjoy rowing when its flat water, as tonight, but also when its more windy. I have never felt unsafe as the boat is crazy stable yet still fast!”

William has grown up in a world of rowing – his dad, Carsten Heron Olsen, is the CEO and Race Director for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and loves that his son is enjoying the Explorer. “To have a teenager saying he wants me to wake him up at 6am if its nice weather so he can row is fab! At the same time, he can be an annoying teenager playing loud music etc., but it’s a good mix!”

Keep up the good work, William and we look forward to watching your rowing career develop over the coming years. Is the Atlantic crossing on the cards, we wonder?