February 8, 2021
Nicola Douglas

They certainly knew how to have fun on the water

Check out this priceless footage of a water carnival in 2014 - we think it might be time to reignite the concept of the Tub and Shovel race though!

The video shows shots of a doubles rowing race on the River Crouch. The sails of a sailing barge are visible to the left of the picture and the town is in the background. There follow other rowing races including a singles race and a women's race. Throughout the film the camera operator employs a variety of camera shots and includes close-up pictures.

There are swimming races, including close up shots. Other races include a variety on punting and sailing dinghies. A soot fight, with the participants in fancy dress, takes place on a boat and there are further swimming races. The camera pans along a row of boats packed with men, women and children watching the Carnival.

There is a 'Tub and Shovel' race during which some of the competitors sink, and a 'Water Derby' with the competitors sitting astride water bound hobby horses. The caption announces a pillow fight but this is not included in the film.

Click on the photo to see the video

Background Information:

The Regatta began during the early 1800s. An article from the Maldon and Burnham Standard, January 5th, 1989, recalls a Regatta 'well over sixty years ago.' This recalls classes for yachts of all sizes and a race for what were in those days the popular Ex-24 footers which at that time regularly raced under the Burnham Yacht Club burgee. The final event was an event for motor boats. The Regatta included swimming and sculling events as well as amusements.

We hope our local supporters enjoy watching this trip down memory lane.