February 8, 2021
Nicola Douglas

Igniting the spirit of adventure rowing

Rannoch Adventure and The Wave – The Coastal & Offshore Rowing Magazine announce partnership to promote Ocean and Offshore Adventure rowing.

We are proud to announce our official partnership with The Wave - The Coastal & Offshore Rowing Magazine:

The Wave and Rannoch Adventure partnership

This partnership will see The Wave Rowing providing its readers with content backed-up with information, guidance, stories and experience from Rannoch - a world leading company whose boats have broken world records on every ocean and is the go-to company for any discerning offshore adventurer.

Craig Chaulk, Founder & Editor of The Wave says: “With the soon to be launched Ocean Rowing and Adventure section at thewaverowing.com complimenting the free rowing e-magazine, we are delighted to partner with Rannoch Adventure to bring the readers content to ignite the spirit of adventure and the opportunities to those individuals looking for a challenge and/or experience to remember, as well as for the inquisitive”.

We've seen The Wave grow into a top quality magazine for the ocean and offshore rowing community over the past 18 months. It's certainly a magazine that fits our ethos – ‘igniting the spirit of adventure’ and opening up rowing opportunities to anyone keen enough to give it a go.

Click on the image below to go to The Wave website and check out all the information they provide for adventure rowers!