September 8, 2020

Rannoch Adventure launches new boat which is ideal for “everyone and anyone”

Charlie Pitcher

Charlie Pitcher, founder of Rannoch Adventure, launches a very exciting, brand new addition to his fleet of ocean rowing boats this month in Essex – the Explorer.

The Explorer is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy rowing on open waters - whether you’re a novice wanting a casual trip down the river with a picnic, or an experienced adventurer intent on exploring some of our planet’s least trodden waters.

Rannoch Adventure is the world’s #1 ocean rowing company based in Burnham on Crouch. The company has designed and built over 60 boats to date and over 50 Guinness World Records have been given to Rannoch crews for ocean crossings.

However, Charlie Pitcher recognised that not everyone has the opportunity or desire to spend months at sea crossing an ocean so it was only a matter of time before he came up with the ultimate rowing boat for shorter trips.

“I’ve always dreamed of making this special rowing boat a reality. We just needed to clock up enough miles and experience to understand what sort of boat would suit everyone, not just a small bunch of high octane ocean rowing adventurers. Hail the Explorer! I am really excited about the opportunities this high performance, stable, affordable boat offers everyone and anyone keen on getting out on the open water”.

It’s the perfect boat for solo, pairs, mixed, man and dog, kids, veterans, ex Olympians and hesitant newcomers to rowing. It is ideal for anyone unsure about rowing a skiff anymore, anyone fed up of rolling their kayak, anyone who dreams of enjoying rowing into their advancing years, or anyone who simply wants to enjoy a healthy morning cutting through the water.

The Explorer is unique - there are few other boats like this. Rannoch Adventure believes they have filled a niche market in the rowing world, by providing a boat in which anyone can enjoy performance rowing on a sturdy platform at an affordable price (no more expensive than a quality mountain bike!). It is a quality constructed rowing boat that anyone could step onto and enjoy without the need for any special training beforehand, a great boat for schools, clubs or institutions.

The Explorer has been designed and created by Charlie in conjunction with world renowned naval architect Phil Morrison. With its GRP construction and a polished gelcoat finish, the Explorer is much lighter and cheaper than injection moulded boats and, as a result, has significantly superior and more exciting performance and handling characteristics.

The Explorer has a very practical and comfortable layout with shaped riggers, a large water proof hatch for dry storage, and is suitable for solo or pairs rowers. There are three rowing stations which ensure the boat is always balanced, regardless of whether it is used as a solo or pair’s boat.

"The new boat will be launched at the Rannoch Adventure Open Day on Saturday 27th April 2019 in Burnham on Crouch.

For more details, please search for #RannochExplorer on social media channels.