September 8, 2020

Riding high on the crest of The Wave

Welcome to The Wave – a brand new e-magazine dedicated to the offshore, coastal and river rowing community. And Rannoch Adventure is proud to feature heavily in the very first issue!

The magazine (that can also be downloaded and printed) will be sent to all coastal, Offshore, and river rowing clubs in Great Britain as well as teams and individuals currently planning to row in their own challenges.

So why has this magazine been created? Craig Chaulk, founder and editor, says:

“This territory is new. There’s a big rowing community that has not been tapped into before in bringing it all together in one place. British Rowing really covers England and you have Welsh Rowing, Welsh Sea Rowing Association, Scottish Rowing, Scottish Coastal Rowing Association and many more associations. This magazine aims to bring it together as one.”

The Rannoch Explorer product feature on pages 32 and 33

Craig goes on to say

“The general consensus is that Coastal and Offshore rowing is fixed seat, River as sliding seat; we know that’s not the case and we wish to raise awareness of this, and having spoken to various clubs in the Coastal/Offshore community, they feel a lack of representation. As a result, a lot of people don’t realise we have numerous variations of rowing around our coastlines in coastal communities where rowing is a big part - yet these clubs are struggling for survival as they need donations (mainly set-up as charity clubs) to survive.”

The demographics of the rowers means the majority are not elite or wannabe Olympians - these are ordinary people looking to stay active,enjoy new experiences and opportunities and make friends. Clubs have come together to form leagues broadening the community and help generate much needed revenue through refreshments and entry fee when hosting.

As we well know at Rannoch Adventure, some individuals take the big leap and create an adventure of a lifetime. We’re looking forward to hearing more about Ocean Rowing in future issues - this magazine will no doubt help encourage,educate and possibly lead to more taking that leap of faith.

The Rannoch Adventure advertisement on page 19

Craig sums it up:

“We all have one thing in common... we love being on the water. I want this magazine to help open new doors for people and help explore new opportunities, help support the clubs. The eventual aim is to pool money for grants to help with the survival of these clubs.”

From us all at Rannoch Adventure, well done, Craig, for getting this off the ground and best of luck with the future of the magazine.

Subscription to the magazine is free. Simply visit to view and download your free issue.