July 9, 2024

Roeiende Redders did it! ‍‍‍‍From Lowestoft to Ijmuiden

On Sunday 30th June, four Dutch lifeguards, rowing in Rannoch's R45 "Freedom", arrived at Camperduin Beach in the Netherlands having left from Lowestoft in the UK 48 hours earlier.

The North Sea always challenges the ocean rowing world and this was no different. Despite some seasickness, these novice rowers made it to the other side to the delight of their supporters. Several lifeboats came out to celebrate their arrival with flares, and families, friends and colleagues gave them a rapturous welcome on Camperduin Beach where they work as lifeguards.

Floris Tamis, Bas Minkema, Daan Lautenschutz and Lennard Van Zanten undertook the personal challenge to raise awareness for the lifeguard volunteers on the beach and promote their sponsors for the expedition. They chose the route as they were keen to follow in the historic footsteps of their lifeguard colleagues who followed the same route in 1978.

Before the row, Floris said:

"As lifeguards, we have been looking at the horizon for hours on end. It is now time to cross that horizon!"

The four spent 3 days in Burnham in May training for the row which was managed by Rannoch, including navigation, weather and safety disciplines.

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Supporters welcomed them on the beach