September 8, 2020

Join these two at the Gala Ball!

Rannoch Adventure is delighted to be supporting Jordan Wylie’s Rowing Dangerously Campaign by providing him with a suitable fast, safe and robust vessel for his crossing of the Bab El Mandeb Straits in October – hail the Explorer!

In November, Jordan will be hosting a Black Tie Gala Dinner in Buckinghamshire when he will be talking about his adventure - all in support of his charitable campaign. Charlie and Angus will be there and would love to share the evening with other adventurers in the rowing world. Tickets cost £150 and can be bought online from the BUY NOW on this website.

Read on to find out what Jordan is doing, why he is challenging himself in this way and how you can get involved and show your support - and have a few laughs and a good night with us at the same time.

Rowing Dangerously

Jordan hopes to push the boundaries one stage further than his previous endeavours by becoming the first person on record to row completely unsupported across the Bab El Mandeb Straits (Arabic Translation;“Gate of Tears”) . The Bab El Mandeb straits are a strategic waterway passage located between Djibouti on the Horn of Africa and Yemen. It is perhaps the most important, most dangerous and most geo-politically contested strait of water on the planet.

Piracy, armed criminals, rebels and terrorism though, will not be the only challenges Jordan will face when rowing across this notorious passage. He will also have to deal with the prospect of the world’s largest super tankers carrying vital energy supplies to Europe, the oceans biggest sharks, venomous marine life and some of the highest levels of salinity in any ocean globally.

Although the stretch of water is only 18 nautical miles wide, there will be danger at every stroke of his oars which is why no one person on record has previously completed this highly dangerous, yet incredibly inspiring challenge.

The Rowing Dangerously Charities

Through his Rowing Dangerously campaign, Jordan is hoping to raise £250,000 for 3 charities:

Frontline Children – inspiring hope through education in conflict zones around the world

Epilepsy Action - providing information, advice and support for people with epilepsy

Seafarers UK - helping people in the maritime community, by providing vital support to seafarers in need and their families

After his adventure in October, his Explorer rowing boat will be donated to the school he is helping to fund in Djibouti:

“Children are ultimately the innocent victims of war and we must do everything we can to help”
Jordan Wylie, Ambassador, Frontline Children

The Ball

The Rowing Dangerously Black Tie Gala Ball will take place on Thursday 7th November 2019 at 7.30pm at the prestigious shooting venue, EJ Churchill, just outside High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

Jordan and the Rannoch Explorer will of course be centre stage and, during the evening, guests will enjoy hearing all about Jordan’s adventure as well as a 3 course meal and live entertainment. It promises to be a memorable night.

Tickets cost £150 each and Charlie & Angus would love to be surrounded by 9 of their fellow rowing friends on each of their tables.

To buy a ticket for this very special event, please go to the BUY NOW page of this website or email Nicola Douglas –

We hope you can join us!


To find out more about Jordan's challenge, please go to his WEBSITE.