November 18, 2021

Soluble wet wipes being trialled on Roxy Atlantic Row

The world’s first 100% environmentally friendly soluble wet wipe that dissolves in seconds when immersed in water has been selected for use aboard our Roxy Expedition Atlantic Ocean Row. The expedition leaves next month from the Canary Islands and the crew will be trialing the new wipes during the row.

In previous expeditions, biodegradable wet wipes have been used but these new wipes, developed by McCormack Innovation, dissolve much faster than current brands so have a lesser environmental impact in the open sea.

The inventor of these wet wipes, Brian McCormack, said:

We are delighted to be partnering with Rannoch Adventure on this Roxy Expedition – Atlantic Ocean Row 2021-22. There can be no better way to illustrate the environmental benefits of our soluble wipes than on this nautical expedition for global climate change.

Charlie Pitcher, our Founder & Director says:

We are thrilled to be working with McCormack Innovation to test these products out on the ocean. We are always looking for new ways of improving our carbon footprint and this is a significant move in that direction for the world of ocean rowing. With 12 people on board a boat for up to 45 days, wet wipes are a real necessity for maintaining hygiene and keeping salt wounds at bay.
Roxy, our 12 person ocean rowing boat

NOTE: This product is not yet available to purchase but please watch this space for further updates.

The full story appeared in Glasgow's Herald today. Click the logo above to read the full article

For more information about McCormack Innovation and its products,
check out their website (click on image above)