July 6, 2021

The meaning behind "Lionheart"

Rannoch Adventure has been using the name “Lionheart” for some years now but what does it actually mean?

The Lionheart Programme is an initiative created by our founder, Charlie Pitcher, who is passionate about the UK’s coastline and, through a series of events, aims to raise awareness of:

1) the natural beauty on our doorstep and it's rich heritage;

2) the abundant wildlife in our waters and on our shores;

3) the mental and physical health benefits that outdoor activities on or around the coastline have on our well-being;

4) the organisations, clubs and institutions who work tirelessly to keep our coasts safe, clean and available for recreational purposes.

Our inaugural “Lionheart” event took place in 2017 when a mixed Rannoch Adventure team rowed around the coast of Britain in an R45 called Lionheart raising funds for the RNLI. Since then, we have supported two further rows around the GB coastline (including our current one) and given youngsters from Youth Links in Southend an unforgettable trip out on the Essex coastline - all as part of our Lionheart Programme.

However, it’s not just us who are enthusiastic supporters and promotors of our coastline.

This week, Charlie and the Roxy crew rowed past Ben, who is journeying around the entire UK mainland coast to raise funds for the John Muir Trust and Marine Conservation Society, as well as undertaking beach cleans, seaweed surveys, other citizen science projects, and any other voluntary coastal work he can get involved in.

The whole Rannoch Team wishes Ben all the best for his exciting adventure.

Click HERE to find out what inspired him to set out on his 7,000 mile UK Coast Journey.

Ben, paddling past Roxy just off the Isle of Skye on his UK Coast Journey
Charlie waving goodbye to Ben after exchanging stories on the water