November 12, 2019
Rachel Parsons

The Tasman Sea Pedalo Challenge

At Rannoch HQ we are kept busy with other independent projects as well as fitting out our R25s and R45s.

One special customer coming back for more is Grant Rawlinson. He has tried to cross the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand three times in a rowing boat but has been forced to abandon the trip each time.

This was all down to the weather conditions, which are not favourable to rowers on the route Grant was taking. It is one of the most hostile environments and the main challenges are safety and propulsion.

Grant Rawlinson

Grant approached Rannoch about producing a boat that will finally help him achieve his goal. So, rising to this challenge, we are designing and developing a bespoke pedalo boat for this expedition. The legs are the strongest part of the body so pedalling is a better way of propelling a boat than rowing.

This solo pedal boat will be custom designed and built for Grant’s size and weight so he can attempt to cross the Tasman Sea in 50 days.

We love having new and exciting projects to get stuck into and this one is no exception!