September 8, 2020

TV’s Jordan Wylie gets new boat from Burnham for adventure

photo of Jordan and his Explorer Boat with Nicola Douglas at Rannoch HQ
Jordan Wylie with Nicola Douglas

Ex-soldier, author and TV personality Jordan Wylie went to Rannoch Adventure’s open day to launch their new rowing boat, the Rannoch Explorer.

The Hunted star will be using the boat for his world-first attempt to row across the Bab-el-Mandeb Straits in East Africa in October.

The task is called Rowing Dangerously and Jordan hopes to raise £1 million.

Rannoch Adventure spokesman Nicola Douglas said:

“The new boat has been two years in the design, development and making. Jordan’s boat has custom graphics for his row but otherwise it is a standard Explorer boat from Rannoch Adventure. The actual hull was made in January, fitted out with the outriggers, then wrapped in Jordan’s choice of colours and design, with all his sponsors’ logos on the boat.”

Jordan has been running 15 marathons in 15 days in 15 national parks in the UK. On Saturday, he ran his 14th marathon in the Norfolk Broads with an early 5am start and then drove down to Burnham to be with Rannoch for 11am.

He helped launch the Explorer with founder Charlie Pitcher and gave a talk about his background, his charity work, his adventures and his Rowing Dangerously adventure.His boat was loaded on to his VW campervan and taken down to the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham.

There, the boat was launched in very high winds and Jordan had his first row in it with guidance from Charlie.

He left his boat on the roof rack before running his final marathon in Dartmoor National Park on Sunday.

In 2018, Jordan became the new hunter on Channel 4’s Bafta-nominated Hunted and Celebrity Hunted.

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With thanks to Maldon and Burnham Standard, 6/5/19