September 8, 2020

USA - here we come!

Last month our first Explorer landed on US soil and we’re thrilled to share a few photos of her out in Day Island Lagoon near Seattle with her owner, Jamie Dunning.

Jamie is an avid open water rower and trains on the lagoon near the Tacoma Narrows bridge, just south of Seattle. She’s been out several times in her new Rannoch Explorer in preparation for the Seventy48 race which takes place on June 5th and 6th 2020. Human powered craft only, 70 miles in 48 hours from Tacoma to Port Townsend!

Jamie says:

“Still LOVING the boat 😊 Very cool, stable and smooth through the open water chop. Getting excited for the Seventy48… still working on my team name and headed out for a timed distance trial this weekend to circumnavigate Fox Island – to ensure the 70 mile race is within feasible reach for this year. (I want to ensure a good showing first, especially with a sleek new boat.) Fingers crossed – I’m determined!”

Good luck Jamie – please keep us posted!

All of the above pictures were taken around Day Island Lagoon