April 15, 2021
Nicola Douglas

The well-oiled Rannoch machine in full flow

Since Charlie left on expedition across the Atlantic a few weeks ago, the Rannoch HQ team has been keeping the wheels turning.

Over the past few weeks, Mike, Gary, Tom and Joe have completed 3 new R45s, unpacked 18 boats returning from TWAC 2020, fully serviced 5 boats (including repairing Marlin strike damage!), launched and recovered 6 boats training for TWAC 2021 as well as working on an adapted R20 which uses an erg machine and propeller as its power source.

In the office, Lizzie has been on Zooms with future customers - sharing their hopes and aspirations to make their dreams a reality … we make the impossible possible here at Rannoch. Rachel has had huge fun sorting out a mountain of loose equipment, food, and kit from various boats - ensuring prep is in hand for future challenges. And when she’s not updating the Roxy blog, Nicola has been working on the finer details for the summer rowing adventures around Great Britain.

The whole team is following Charlie and the Roxy crew keenly as they edge towards Antigua. Gary in particular is delighted that all his tech wizardry on the boat is working well and we are happy to see all those freeze dried meals we so diligently packed are being consumed with gusto! Food is more than just fuel...

There's never a dull moment at Rannoch, let us know how the HQ team can assist you with your challenge.

Mike working on an adapted R20 ocean rowing boat
Tom servicing an R45 after it's return from TWAC
Gary getting his wires sorted
Lizzie busy scheduling Zoom calls
Rachel logging stock unpacked from boats
Nicola planning Lionheart Round Britain logistics