September 8, 2020

What better way to explore our quirky coastline than by boat?

Essex may not be surrounded with crystal clear water, pure white sandy beaches or 30 degree heat all year round, but these simple stilted beach huts offer a slice of tropical island life – right here on Rannoch Adventure’s doorstep, in the heart of Essex.

We came across this row of ten huts on our recent adventure along the Blackwater Estuary. They were built by Osea Leisure Park in 2014 and each measures just 14ft by 11ft. Although we weren’t there to see it, we could imagine how picture perfect they would look floating above the water at high tide.

According to Osea Leisure Park:

They are engineered and constructed using the highest quality materials, to resist the continual rigors of coastal weather and are low maintenance. The huts were designed to be quirky yet practical.They are a representation of the classical ‘British summertime’, but modern techniques and robust materials have been used.

The quaint beach huts may offer privacy, stunning estuary views and provide the perfect escape for people who enjoy life’s simple pleasures, but sadly for the romantics among us, they cannot be used to stay in overnight.

As Angus Collins so rightly says:

We may not live in the Maldives but here in Britain we have a fantastically unique and fascinating coastline.Getting out on the open water, discovering hidden gems and creating memories is what life with an Explorer is all about.