March 21, 2021

Getting to the start line is the hardest part!

A week ago I would have been sitting around at home wondering how and when the crew and I could possibly make it out to Spain and begin our row. I was trying hard to remain stoic, not getting worked up about the things I couldn’t control, and keeping focused on my training. Travel restrictions across Europe were strict and we were only getting closer to the end of the month at which point it would be too late to leave meaning the row is over.

The plan got kicked into action very fast as we came to realise we couldn’t keep waiting for the optimal travel situations and just had to play the hand we were dealt. It all happened very fast. To quote my mum “I came back from work Wednesday evening to find out he had booked himself a train and was leaving first thing in the morning, so much for a heads up!” Within two days the ENTIRE crew had been tested and flights, ferries and hostels booked. As Ted Jackson said “it’s hard enough to organise for 12 mates to go to the pub let alone organise travel to Tenerife during a global pandemic.”

One week later and I am now sitting on the marina wall of Tenerife south, watching Roxy bob up and down in her mooring with less than 24 hours until departure. I cannot comprehend how grateful I am for the tireless work my crew mates have put in to getting us out here. It wouldn’t have been possible with out every single one of them.