July 9, 2024

Isle of Mull Adventure 2024

Day 1

A stellar first day on Roxy. She is a grand craft. We got acquainted with Roxy and our fine skippers, rowed 5 hours in blissful sunshine and wind, had a successful water bottle overboard drill, bonded with the crew over lovely mushy dinners at our yurt in a lush field. Early to bed. Will rise with the abundant sunshine and longer row tomorrow!

Day 2

Day two hath been long, with 25 miles of breathtaking beauty along the coast of the Isle of Kerrera, where the sun doth shine brightly. A joyful jubilee! Some small bouncy waves and our crew has shared many moments of rowing unity, although many are happily weary. Nevertheless good cheer and friendship prevail and we thank thee for this!

Day 3

Today we have been blessed with flat seas, sunshine and favourable winds. Spotting seals, cormorants and porpoises, as well as our land support passing us on the ferry! The whole team are still physically and mentally very strong, enjoying every moment on Roxy today. The highlight though has to be finishing in Tobermory, or better known as ‘Balamory’. We are recovering well in this beautiful harbour with food and drink and we will soon be cheering Scotland on in the Euros󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.  That will put us in good spirits for our long night & day row tomorrow! But for now, that’s the story in Balamory this evening.

Day 4 & 5

Enjoyed a lovely restful day on precious Mull. Breakfast - oh the pies, pasties, little quiche and sweets! Then a visit to Mull Museum and the RNLI station. We left the pontoon at 3pm for our summer solstice night row to Fort William! Nice conditions, some rain and great playlists to keep us rowing happily down the Sound of Mull and up Loch Linnhe. 50 miles rowed overnight, 102 miles rowed in total over the week... Huzzah!

Hats off to our most excellent patient and kind skippers, Neil and Chris, our shore support Quentin and 6 very agreeable Scots. Thanks, Rannoch, for a great adventure. Onwards all! Cheers! Now off to a very hot shower and a dram or 2 of scotch!

Day 1 in Oban
Isle of Mull crew with skipper Neil and co-skipper Chris