December 13, 2023

Roxy Atlantic 23-24 crew set off from Tenerife today

On December 3rd 2023, Rannoch Adventure's Roxy Atlantic 2023-24 crew set off from Tenerife on their 3,000 mile row across the ocean.

We wish John, Trine, Alex, Neil, Clarissa, Chris, Jess, Keith, Emily, Pete, Tinks and Eddie all the best for a safe crossing.

Follow them as they row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic over the next few weeks:

On track the boat via the red button “TRACK ROXY”

Read the Atlantic Ocean 2023-24 blog on - updated regularly

Follow our Facebook & Instagram pages which will be updated regularly - @roxyrowingexpeditions

Download the YB Races App and search for “Roxy Atlantic Ocean 2023-24”

With thanks to @rangeglobal for supporting our Roxy Atlantic Expeditions

Photo credits: @magic_sites

To read the full blog of their expedition and see the photos, please click HERE