Angus gets his first Rannoch Explorer experience

Rannoch Adventure's Angus takes the Explorer out on the River Crouch and tells us what his first impressions are.

Solitude Training with Marcus Beale (part 1)

Watch how the Explorer performs on the Scottish Loch when Marcus puts it through it's paces.

The Bubbleheads putting the Explorer through its paces

"Safe to say the lads loved it"

Rannoch Explorer on the Blackwater

Find out how the Explorer performed when it was put through its paces by Charlie and Angus on the River Blackwater in Essex.

Crossing the English Channel in an Explorer

Hear what Olympic medallists Alex Gregory MBE and James Foad have to say about rowing a Rannoch Explorer from Dover to France.

First glimpse of our sexy Explorer hull!

Fresh out of the workshop, Charlie sees the glistening Explorer for the first time.

The Explorer in the Solent

The Bubbleheads enjoying time out in and around Portsmouth in their Rannoch Explorer. Also featuring Olympic medalists Alex Gregory and James Foad. Film credits: Snapsyacht.

Stability on open water is key!

Despite the rain, wind and waves, watch how Rob Hamilton still manages to sort his jacket out and take photos whilst on the Explorer.

Lake Luzerne - a paradise for the Explorer

Stunning scenery surrounds Lake Luzerne in Switzerland and there's no better way to enjoy it than on a Rannoch Explorer.

Fighting wind and tide!

Charlie shows us how the Explorer performs when out in the open sea fighting wind and tide.

The Bubbleheads set a World Speed Record for the Explorer!

On 17th September 2019, the Bubbleheads rowed from Portchester to Gosport in Hampshire and clocked up a top speed of 10.4 mph!

Putting the Explorer on a roof rack

Charlie, Graham and Jordan show how quickly and easily you can lift the Explorer onto a roof rack.

Dreaming of family adventures in an Explorer

Olympic medallists Alex Gregory MBE and James Foad talk about the Rannoch Explorer being the perfect rowing boat for family adventures.

Solitude Training with Marcus Beale (part 2)

Hear what Marcus' first impressions are of the Rannoch Explorer.

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